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Building a portfolio of investments and assets is not going to be the same for everyone. Your experience will depend on your personal financial situation, age, ambitions, the time you have to spare and the risks you’re willing to take, as well as future income needs and exposure to capital.
Obviously, a twenty-one-year-old just setting out into their career is going to need a different strategy than a fifty-nine-year-old who is preparing for their retirement. The only similarity is that they are both building a staircase to get to the same view. If done correctly, that view can be reached, and the investments will have been worth it, but it all depends on how they stack those bricks.

Whoever you are, laying that initial groundwork and keeping it stable can make or break your success. Place the bricks in the wrong spot, or fail to secure them into place, and you risk your portfolio crumbling beneath your feet before you have even got off the ground. This is why the ability to track your progress is so integral. Whether they are stock or crypto assets, every investment is going to change and fluctuate.
Keeping a tab on them through an investment portfolio tracker is essential to stay aware of their activity and help you make the right decisions going forward. But what is a portfolio tracker? Find out below.

stock portfolio tracker


A consolidated overview of all of your investments can best be achieved with a portfolio tracker if you have a relatively large collection of crypto wallets and stock. Prillionaires is the best portfolio tracker app and a must-have for not only investors but anyone who wants a real-time consolidator of their wealth. It is one of the most advanced personal finance software in the market, giving users the ability to track their financial assets, liabilities, as well as their transactions, accounts, loans and savings.

The best thing about it for an investor, however, is the free portfolio tracker. Covering the US, the EU, Canada, Australia and India, this investment portfolio tracker can allow the user to keep on top of their investments with a full overview and access to the details, such as transactions and the history of changes. If you have invested in the crypto exchanges we support, this will also be covered in the tracker. It syncs automatically, too, which means you do not have to manually ensure it is tracking the most up-to-date movements.


A well-curated and diverse portfolio is an incredibly strong asset to have on side. As soon as it begins to grow, however, a stock portfolio tracker like this will undoubtedly aid you in moving forward.
Investments are all done through the cloud, but you don’t want this same cloud to hide your investment from view. Once you have invested, the ability to keep your stock in the open, where you can easily pinpoint market changes and potential liabilities, is so important to keeping your future secure. It means you can manage any investment quickly and easily, re-allocating risks where necessary and strategically re-balancing any bonds or stocks which do not appear to have long-term potential.

This is certainly true for any younger user who is new to the market. Although profitable, investment is not necessarily the most stress-free activity to partake in. On the contrary, it can easily be a cause for anxiety and stress, especially when you are not completely aware of how your stocks are moving. With a portfolio tracker, however, you don’t have to go to bed at night wondering. Instead, all of your stocks are tucked away inside your pocket, readily available to track and manage accordingly. This can make the act of investing in stock far more enjoyable, and something you’re more likely to continue pursuing long term.
With a clear head comes a determined, confident mind, meaning you have the trust to reach new heights in your investment journey.


Similarly, for anyone – novices or veterans – investing in Crypto exchanges is a tricky and intimidating venture. Taking the form of digital tokens that are mined through a decentralised software known as blockchain, cryptocurrency is represented by a volatile and constantly fluctuating market. The price of a coin can go up or down on any given day, oftentimes due to press coverage and reputation, as well as supply vs demand. Predictions for the crypto market are constantly being pump out but, even still, it is a difficult market to crack – especially if you have various crypto wallets with differing investments.

The Prillionaires app is the best crypto portfolio tracker because, like with your traditional stock investments, it notes all of your crypto assets in a single space. With crypto, it is all about knowing when to cash out and when to hold firm, and this would be almost impossible without a portfolio tracker to tell you exactly how the market is moving.

portfolio tracker

The blockchain is obviously very complicated, but this crypto portfolio tracker keeps things simple and within reach. With everything at your fingertips, you can periodically rebalance your portfolio when things start to get out of place. This will allow both your crypto and stock investments to return to the intended, stable mix which you had originally worked so hard to achieve.


The Prillionaires Portfolio Tracker has been purpose-built to offer the most convenient and intuitive solution possible to users. It is there to help you maintain your wealth, and your future, as well as track and calculate your net worth. If you have a way to track and allocate your investments, then you can help those same investments stay in line with your goals and strategy. In short, it’s like collecting water in a glass, rather than trying to keep hold of it in your bare hands.

This will give you the peace of mind which should never be underestimated when it comes to finance investment. A calm and consolidated view of your portfolio will ultimately allow you to make the most out of everything you have invested in, meaning you can not only peer at success, but you can climb the staircase all the way up to its gate.

crypto portfolio tracker


Yes, the Stock Portfolio Tracker – Crypto Portfolio tracker is on the app, in fact, it is one of the main functions of the application, along with its net worth calculator which tracks your total net worth. With this, you will be given the freedom to import from various online trading app portfolios, such as eToro, Freetrade or the more traditional brokers.

Having done this you will be able to look at the historical data that can be on portfolio charts to compare other investments. You can also have your data exported to the device. The main objective is to visualise your data on the portfolio charts to give you a better understanding, furthermore it gives you the option to delve into the details of your transactions and portfolio data.

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